This was a pool refurbishment that we did in conjunction with 'The Pool & Spa People'. This was a Marbelite clad open air pool with a simple mosaic band at the waterline. The integrity of the structure was extremely sound and it had worn very well but looked a bit tired so the owner decided to have it tiled in mosaic. The transformation speaks for itself and although the photos are not great, you can see the before and after look of the thing. The steps were pretty skew wiff and we had to do a lot of prep work on them to get them right.

Matthew grouting the steps prior to us covering them up to protect them against anyone getting into the pool with muddy boots on.

The darker mosaic stringers on the edges of the steps are there as very visual depth indicators as well as  being a nice  decorative feature.

A view towards the deep end at the start of the job.

The last knockings and the final bit of grouting to the right hand side of the deep end.

The left hand side of the shallow end showing the correct way to finish into a mitred and coved internal angle where it meets the depth indicator band at the floor of the pool.

A lovely sight looking back up at those steps from the deep end. All done, everyone happy and just the invoice to type now



This was a brand new pool construction with two basic problems. When we arrived, we found that someone had laid the capping stones 1" out of level (which when the pool was full of water would stand out like a sore thumb)  and the plasterers had screeded the pool 'slab' off of the back of the stones so that was 1" out of level too. We had to remove all the capping stones then clean and refix them once all the mosaic was completed. This is the proper sequence for tiling a pool, and ensures that the crucial eyeline where water meets mosaic line is perfect.


Re-screeding the treads and risers

Capping stones now refitted and pointed.

Our solution to a square corner with a round capping stone. You can't have any square vertical corners in a pool, far too dangerous. The vertical course of dark blue mosaic at an angle highlights the corner and makes it safer.  

The finished article, the depth indicators on the step risers match all round the pool

Looking down from the steps to the deep end. Those capping stones were all twisted and warped as usual and a swine to fit.

Matthew fixing the depth indicator band which was one cube of mosaic at 45 degrees and two cubes laid flat

A bit later on.

A lot later on.

Another view of the depth indicator band at the deep end.

And another.

The first phase of the centre ramp indicator feature

Working around it, ready to cut the main floor to the feature width, ready for the matching border to be inset.

Job done, all the problems solved, and a nice looking very safety minded piece of tiling wrapped up.


What a bliss job that was, we thoroughly enjoyed that one, and it looks absolutely fantastic now that the owners have dressed the room.

We have more pics of pools we have done if you would like to see them.