Marble Bathrooms

This Bathroom was fully tiled in Silver Travertine Marble, the variation in the stone was stunning and beautiful as i'm sure you'll agree.


I also tiled the airing cupboard

I put this stringer cut through the threshold, a nice little feature through any doorway.

The main problem here was the rectified marble and the not so flat walls, a lot of adhesive was used to give me the chance to not only get the walls solid but perfectly flat.

some neat cutting around the shower connections

The floor joints also pick up with the wall joints which meant fixing the floor first and covering it up to protect the pristine floor underneath


Brickjoint marble mosaic

This bathroom had the top half tiled using a brickjoint marble mosaic, the bottom had existing oak panelling on it and was not touched

Some simple pipe boxwork took hours of painstaking cutting to complete, not using tile trim i had to interlock the mosaic sheets on the corners so a finished edge was on the external angle.