Marble and Natural Stone


This large ensuite bathroom floor was laid using a polished white Carrara marble tile fixed diagonally, with the large bath in the centre of the room this was extremely difficult to set-out, but spending time on this worked out perfectly.


The other main criteria for this installation was the customer wanted the veining in the marble all running in the same direction

The other characteristic of marble from a tilers point of view is that every single cut has to be done on a wet bed diamond saw, this job had over 160 cuts all to be cut outside on the diamond saw.

Marble when installed properly is an absolutely timeless look with every piece different from one another.



Large 60cm x 40cm Travertine Marble Floor

This Large Kitchen floorwas at one time two separate rooms, needless to say the levels needed some attention

After applying a latex to the floor to bridge the gaps in levels, underfloor heating was layed and then latexed over again to protect the cables during the tiling process

The 60cm x 40cm tiles were layed random brickjoint which looked very effective

Unfortunately the floor was covered up straight after the grouting so i didn't get a picture but it was grouted in a limestone grout which blended to the tile perfectly


A Smaller Travertine Kitchen Floor

This kitchen floor had underfloor heating installed and latexed over to protect the cables, then a 60cm x 40cm rectified Travertine marble was layed brickjoint and grouted in white.

 This floor was tiled prior to the kitchen being fitted